Check out our options and features.
  • Save money in the Office
    Include 3 phase options.
  • See demand and generate
    Check out our options and features.
  • Detailed history on your computer
    Data logging and real-time options
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Electricity Monitors

Welcome to Eco-Eye - the home of Eco-eye real-time electricity monitors and wireless energy monitors
See our Online Dashboard in action Here using an Energy Hive measuring our office
See our Online Dashboard in action Here using an Energy Hive Measuring a Solar installation 

Our Features

Simple installation

No need for an electrician

Save Energy, Money & Co2!

Eco Eye Monitors can save you 15% off energy bills

Easy to Read Displays

Energy watching couldn’t be easier

Designed in the UK

Eco-eye products are British designed

Energy monitors to suit everyone

Home, commercial and micro-generation

Monitors for single phase or 3 phase supplies

monitors for any application!

With electricity prices continuing to rise, now is the time to take positive action and commit to energy saving.

and more...

Electricity monitors are wireless displays with a main function of showing you how much you are using right now, at a glance.
All of the Eco-eye Electricity Monitoring range do this by showing a single, easily readable, number that the user can chose to see either as electrical units or money
All of the Energy Monitoring displays store the readings but the Eco-eye Smart adds logging to a memory card for computer analysis.
Any problems -Just let us know, we are happy to help whatever your need or problem!

Introduction to Eco-eye Electricity Monitors

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