EON renewable energy for all customers

E.ON provides 100% renewable electricity for all 3.3 million customer homes at no extra cost

E.ON announced on Tuesday that it is now providing all of its residential customers across Britain with a 100% renewable electricity supply – on all tariffs as standard, and at no extra cost.

The change means more than 3.3 million homes now have an electricity supply matched by renewable sources including wind, biomass and solar. E.ON’s announcement is the largest of its type to date in the UK, significantly increasing the number of households in the country backed by 100% renewable electricity.

Being in Lancing we have watched the E.ON Rampion wind farm develop and one of the cables runs less than half a mile from the Eco-eye office. This is just one of 20 wind farms owned by E.ON and will directly supply a large proportion of this renewable electricity, as well as agreements with independent wind generators around the country to directly purchase the electricity produced. The remaining electricity used by customers is matched with 100% renewable electricity sourced externally through such things as renewable electricity guarantee certificates from the likes of wind, biomass and solar sources. These certificates guarantee that an equivalent amount of renewable electricity was generated to the amount supplied.

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Cool - well done E.ON!

Added Friday 12th July 2019